The primary services to be offered by the Good Samaritan Health & Wellness Center are primary care treatment by a volunteer medical staff; medication and laboratory tests; dental services; and wellness education and activities. The program is designed and supported by volunteers with no government funding and to be executed in a faith-based environment in an accessible location. The Center will be a means of helping the working uninsured obtain and maintain a healthy body and a mindset of hope and encouragement. Medical care will be offered to a community where many have no insurance and no access to continuous and timely care. The Center will offer alternatives to people who use costly emergency room services for their only medical care. A small donation, similiar to an insurance co-pay, will be requested from those seeking medical and dental care.  The donation is on a sliding scale based on the income of the individual.  The requested donation begins at $15 for those whose income is minimum wage to $9 an hour, and gradually increases to a high of $30 for higher incomes.